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Systemic Constellations

“A living system is defined not by the individual parts, but by the relationships between them. The flow of energy. The flow of love.” - Bert Hellinger

I offer 1:1 & group family constellations both in person and online.

1:1 Sessions are 90 minutes and are offered as a stand-alone process rather than ongoing therapy.


Dates for group workshops can be found on the events page

Book of life, knowledge, wisdom - old tree and its roots on open pages of a magic book; .j

Systemic constellations reveal and transform embedded patterns that are otherwise very challenging to understand and change. Intellectually, we may recognize patterns of challenging behaviors and destructive relationships, but in practice it can be extremely difficult to free ourselves from the ones that feel most unwanted. Through this process we become aware of the complex web of interconnection reaching into our present from generations past. Experiencing this interconnectedness so directly has an amazingly freeing effect. 

Out of love and loyalty, we often unconsciously carry the traumas and destructive patterns of our ancestors, which may manifest in our daily lives as unresolvable personal problems and relationship issues.

Through the gentle, yet powerful process of Family Constellations, we enter into connection with our ancestors through the energetic ‘Knowing Field.’ Our entanglements within our ancestral family are gently and respectfully uncovered.


Systemic Family Constellation Workshop dates can be found here

During a 1:1 constellations session I will take time to hear about the issue you would like to work with. I may ask you questions about your wider family of origin and history. We'll take time to support you to become clear about what it is you'd like to support/become clearer about through a constellation. Then we'll start to explore through one of a few different methods- such as small figures, stones, felt mats etc - depending on the issue, the wider system you and the issue sit within. Constellations reveal what is hidden and unknown and what needs to be given a place and belonging in the wider system. Often we are carrying the burdens & trauma of  previous generations through unconscious loyalty, through bringing awareness to these hidden dynamics we can return these legacies back to their rightful place and bring healing to our wider system and ultimately our own lives.


The session is 90 minutes and can be in person or online. Please contact me to book.

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