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About Me

I am a compassionate trauma-informed practitioner with my own deeply lived experience and personal journey. Alongside many rigorous depth trainings over many years, I continue to walk my own path of healing and wholeness. 


My work history has been diverse, spanning music and events production to social-change activism and humanitarian aid. My personal experience in life has been broad, rich and deep. I've walked an unconventional path so far through life which has enabled me to understand and work with people from all kinds of backgrounds, lifestyles and cultures.

As well as my private practice I also work in the field of clinical psychedelic research and am on the therapist team for clinical trials studying DMT-assisted psychotherapy. I am an advocate of regulation for the safe, ethical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the use of psychedelic medicines. I sit on the advisory board for The Institute of Psychedelic Therapy and am Chair of the Spiritual Emergency special interest group.

I am committed to my own ongoing journey of personal and spiritual enquiry: development and practices that sustain and resource me on this journey include meditation, Earth-wisdom traditions, embodied movement/dance and exploring remote corners of the world on foot.


  • The Karuna Institute - Foundation CPP

  • The Karuna Institute - MA Core Process Psychotherapy

  • Theatre of The Oppressed - Rainbow of Desires Facilitator Training

  • Babette Rothschild - Somatic Trauma Therapy 

  • Re.Vision - Couples Therapy Certificate

  • Centre for Systemic Constellations - Foundation Training

  • Centre for Systemic Constellations - Applied Training

  • Centre for Systemic Constellations - Advanced Training (current)

  • Psychosexual Somatic Therapy Training

  • PODS Child Sexual Abuse Training

  • Ancestral Lineage Healing

  • Animist Psychology

  • Foundations of Ritual

  • Earthbody Ecotherapy Training

  • Compassionate Enquiry

  • 25 years mediation practice

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How I Work

I work from a dedicated & peaceful garden room in Bruton, Somerset, Online and for clients interested in Ecotherapy I work within beautiful local woodland.


I offer all prospective new clients an initial hour-long session to explore working together.


Each client is unique and I offer a diverse set of tools and practices to allow me to work with you wherever you are in your process. My practice focuses on meeting you within a depth relational process founded on compassion and acceptance.


I offer psychotherapy that can include, but is not limited to talking therapy - if appropriate we may work somatically, creatively, imaginally and expressively. Some tools I draw upon include:


  • Deep listening

  • Somatic Enquiry

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Constellations

  • Art Therapy

  • Movement

  • Ecotherapy Practices

I honour the wisdom of your inner-healer and follow your process as it unfolds. 

Beyond all the training, tools and techniques, I'm just a human meeting another human. Meeting you, wherever you may find yourself, in authentic relationship is the practice I come back to again and again.

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