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Fees & FAQ's

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Psychotherapy sessions 1 hour - £80
Couples Therapy 1 Hour - £120
Couples Therapy 90 mins - £175
1:1 Constellation Sessions 90 mins - £120
Ecotherapy Sessions 1 hour - £90
Ecotherapy Day 1:1 - £450
Psychedelic Integration 90 mins- £150

Payments for all first sessions are paid for in advance and subsequent sessions can be paid for on the day via cash, card or BACS.

I maintain a safe, confidential and ethical practice adhering to UKCP and ACPP ethics guidelines.
  • What's your approach?
    My training in Core Process Psychotherapy (CPP) is a depth,integrative, psychodynamic oriented psychotherapy. It includes aspects of body psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology and is underpinned by western developmental theories, as well as Buddhist psychology and awareness practices. I draw upon many other trainings, skills & tools I have developed and offer each individual the possibility to be met and supported in their own unique process of self-discovery. I attempt to meet each client where they are..
  • What is Core Process Psychotherapy?
    Core process psychotherapists are trained at the internationally renowned Karuna Institute in Devon. The core process approach offers a unique fusion of Eastern and Western teachings about the mind and body, drawing on ancient Buddhist teachings of how and why we experience suffering, and then combining them with well established Western psychotherapeutic approaches. Core process psychotherapy is a powerful, non-pathologising (not framed through the lens of mental illness) way of meeting the rich panoply of reasons which lead us to begin therapy. It’s an approach to therapy which can help us to reframe experiences that we may initially experience as negative, as positive opportunities for deep and lasting change. In core process psychotherapy, the shared therapeutic journey between the therapist and the client is called joint practice. Both the therapist and the client embark on a journey of self-discovery; a journey that requires two people to be willing and open to whatever arises in the therapeutic space. Please see more here
  • What's the first step?
    Please contact me to arrange an initial meeting. During this meeting I would ask you to say a little more about what you are looking for support with, explain more about how I work and answer any questions you may have. Finding the right therapist for you is the most important first step. If I don't feel I would be suited to working with you for any reason, I will usually offer a referral to an alternative therapist.
  • What happens in a first session?
    During our first session we would read through and agree a contract - this sets out important information, such as confidentiality as well as practicals, so that you can have clear expectations and assurance of my professional standards. The remainder of our first session would involve me taking a 'case history' that enable you to tell me more about yourself, your history as well as your hopes and intentions of the therapeutic process.
  • How many sessions will I require?
    I offer some short-term foccused work and mainly longer-term depth psychotherapy. For all new clients initially we would agree to 6 x weekly sessions. On the sixth session we would take some time to review our work so far and decide together what would support you further. During an initial meeting we would take time to discuss the type of support you are looking for and what possible time frames would offer.
  • Do you work online?
    Yes, many of clients work online or sometimes a mix. I also work solely online with clients from different locations and internationaly. I use a secure online clinic and you receive a link to your call when the appointment is confirmed. There is no need to download anything or sign-in.
  • What can I expect from a nature-based therapy session?
    Nature-based therapy sessions take place in local beautiful woodland. Sometimes it can take the form of walk and talk, sometimes we might stay in one location. Often I will bring in the environment in ways that support the work and sometimes I offer nature-based/mindfulness exercises that facilitate slowing down, noticing and being with your direct experience as it unfolds. An initial meeting either online or in-person takes place first so we jointly assess suitability and practicals for working outside together.
  • What is a day-immersion?
    I offer a limited amount of day immersion experiences. These are tailored to your individual needs and will include a whole day of 1:1 support while being immersed in beautiful local woodland. The day will include walk and talk experience alongside nature-based enquiry and exercises. It may often also include some creative work and ritual. These day-long sessions can be really supportive during times of transition and uncertainity. We meet online first to explore what you would like support with and I design the day responsively around your needs.
  • What can we expect in a first session?
    I offer an initial 1-hour exploratory consultation in order for us to meet. During this meeting I would ask you to share with me some of the issues that have arisen and are leading you to seek couples counselling. You will be able to have a taste of how I work and also ask me any questions you may have. I understand that it can be a daunting process for many people, I am ski If we all decide to continue after this initial session, we agree an initial time period and frequency. Weekly sessions are not always neccessary for couples
  • What's your Approach?
    In couples therapy, your relationship is my client. I meet you both where you are in the relationship and support you to see challenges all as part of the healthy growth cycle - whatever that ultimately means for your relationship. I'm not here to take sides, but understand that in relationshis there are at least two different valid experiences, and support you to take steps to meet one another in your differences. I create safety for embodied, heartfelt conversations and relational process and have a wide range of tools that I draw upon to support this work. The in-session work is often supported by tools and exercises that I offer you to take-away.
  • What can I expect?
    Depending on your circumstances, I offer one-off, short-term and/or regular ongoing sessions for Psychedelic Integration work. This can be in-person or onine and I work in an emergent and responsive way to meet you where you are. I support you to harvest the fruits from your journey and to integrate these into your life in ways that create meaningful change and support growth. This can include talking, somatic work, imaginal process, ritual and depth enquiry through other modalities.
  • Do you offer psychedelic therapy
    No. Currently Psychedelic Therapy is illegal in the UK, and while I work on legal clinical trials and also offer integration therapy I do not offer psychedelic therapy so please do not contact me about this.
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