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Nature-Based Therapy

I offer 1:1 and group therapeutic sessions in natural woodlands and outdoor spaces. For individuals these can be ongoing 'walk&talk' sessions or one-off day and weekend nature-immersion experiences.

I also offer both day and longer group retreats.

Natural Mandala in the wood made of nature elements. Handmade outdoor art..jpg

Nature-based ecotherapy takes conventional psychotherapy beyond the confines on the therapy room. I offer ongoing and one-off immersion and group experiences for those who would like to explore working therapeutically in this way.


1:1 work is offered within a beautiful Somerset forest location - it might include regular walk & talk support and also working directly within specific locations and directly with place and season. 


My work is informed by Animist psychology, that humans and other-than-humans exist together in an emergent network of reciprocity. This work builds on common ground between ritual, psychology, and personal/ancestral/cultural healing.

I offer some limited ongoing sessions outside as well as one-off day immersion experiences. Immersions will be tailored to your specific needs and enquiries.

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