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Psychedelic Integration

The profound nature of a psychedelic experience can be overwhelming to make sense of on one’s own. I offer a safe & confidential  space to integrate non-ordinary states of consciousness that are facilitated by psychedelic substances or spiritual emergence.

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Psychedelic Integration is the journey after the journey. It is a process through which we can make sense of and harvest the wisdom, insights and challenges of a psychedelic experience and bring these back home. It's how we make meaningful changes in our life after the experience and continue to tend to and honour what may have been revealed. 

I offer one-off 90-minute psychedelic integration sessions in person and online. I also offer regular ongoing support. 

While I am an advocate for the safe, ethical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the use of psychedelics, I do not offer underground psychedelic therapy as this is currently illegal. Please do not contact me asking for this.

As well as offering 1:1 integration support I also co-facilitate group integration circles - please see my events page.

I also offer support to those navigating Spiritual emergence and emergency. A spiritual emergency could be defined as a critical and experientially difficult stage of a profound psychological transformation that involves one’s entire being. This is a crisis point within the transformational process of spiritual emergence. It may take the form of non-ordinary states of consciousness and may involve unusual thoughts, intense emotions, visions and other sensory changes, as well as various physical manifestations. These episodes can often revolve around spiritual themes. Support can be short-term or regular ongoing.

I sit on the advisory board for The Institute of Psychedelic Therapy and chair the Spiritual Emergence Special Interest Group. I also work as a psychedelic therapist on current clinical trials for DMT-assisted psychotherapy for depression. 

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