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Couples Therapy

I work in a deeply supportive role to your relationship. I offer an authentic and safe space to fully explore the issues that are arising, and rather than seeing the issues as deeply problematic, see that instead these can be a catalyst for growth and discovering a deeper authenticity in relating.

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Being in any intimate relationship can be a uniquely challenging and painful place to be at times. Communication breakdown, blame, judgement, deepening resentment and hopelessness can all emerge and seem to suffocate all sense of hope.

Challenges such as this can be seen as all part of the healthy growth cycle in any relationship and as an opportunity for the relationship to move out of unhealthy dynamics and stuck patterns.

With a certification training from Re.Vision for 'Couples in Search of Soul',  a training in Psychosexual Somatic Therapy; alongside sensitivity, gentle challenge and humour- I have supported many couples to successfully navigate the many issues that those in intimate relationship can face.

"​Embarking on a course of couples counselling with Justine has been one of the most worthwhile things we have done to support and nurture our marriage. Justine has given has both the techniques and confidence to discuss difficult issues and feel closer and more united as a consequence. She has also helped and motivated us to continue to carve out 'us' time once our regular sessions had finished. Justine creates a comfortable and safe environment and her sensitivity, gentle challenge and humour enabled us to relax and get the most out of our sessions."

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